Work Force

AGF, is a performance-driven organization giving priority to the wellbeing and safety of our human resources. We are fully committed to maintain a high level of Saudization and concur with the localization policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabian.

We invest heavily in recruitment, training, and integrating Saudi nationals with appropriate qualifications in our work stream. We empower all our employees with equal opportunity to reach their highest career potential, provided that they meet our high quality and efficiency standards.

Out of our total workforce, almost 19 % are Saudi Nationals, and we employ them at all levels of our organization – from managers to technicians and operators.

Project Diversity

AGF’s expertise encompasses the construction of a wide variety of projects, including office buildings, retail and commercial centers, housing developments, industrial complexes, hospitals, and medical facilities, military and defense projects, hotels, schools, and educational facilities, as well as storage and warehousing projects.

Facility Management

Besides, housekeeping, janitorial services, landscaping and gardening, horticultural, sanitation, pest control services, etc. We also offer operation & maintenance of utility, security and surveillance, building maintenance & repair and data communication Services.

Civil Works

Heavy industrial, civil and underground works, pipeline civil works, all types of heavy foundation and structural works, shore civil works, large excavation works, High volume backfilling works.

Site Facilities

Temporary and permanent, camps, offices, warehouses, workshops and laydown yards.


Early site and mobilization works, temporary construction facilities and associated construction services such as catering, medical assistance, safety supervision, and site security.


Building electromechanical and plumbing works (MEP), tank fabrication and installation works, HVAC works, medium and low voltage electrical works.

Resources including Equipment

There is often a wide range of resources that a general contractor will consider, but at AGF we consider the followings very strictly.

  • + Lay out project tasks and the resources you have.
  • + Hold a resource management meeting.
  • + Match resources to tasks.
  • + Set a budget and track time.
  • + Create forecasts.
  • + Update your resource list.
  • + Perform a post-project analysis.

Resource planning is a surefire way to optimize the use of resources across projects. You assign tasks to team members based on their skill set, capacity, and fit for the project in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
In other words, the process of planning resources helps you answer the two most important questions a project manager can ask:

  1. 1. How do I ensure the project gets finished without overworking my team?
  2. 2. How can we deliver this on time and within budget?